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  Cryptocurrency Primer 101   Yoyo! It’s been AGES since I posted on my own blog! I got a loooong form cryptocurrency primer post for you today that explains a load of stuff on crypto currency as most people have no fucking clue on it all, and some are embarrassed Read more

How To Get Google Reviews As a business, you always want word of mouth marketing to be your most powerful sales weapon in your arsenal, right? Unprompted and honestly positive client reviews are the marketing fuel to pour on your overall sales fire 🙂 The trouble to date, is that Read more

why Blab is dying

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Why Blab Is Dying Firstly, let me start by saying I absolutely dig what Blab has achieved to date: They took off-the-shelf products and technologies, and rolled them into a realtime streaming video social network that at it’s peak, was one of THE hottest marketing SaaS products of 2015. Hotness Read more

Snapchat For Marketing.   Nathan Hague Snapchat Guru? Snapchat for marketing expert, are you now? Fuck no. But I’m learning and I have to write a load on this for you. First though? Listen – I’ve been on the platform for over a year but never sent a single snap. Not. Read more

LinkedIn PIxel Hack

Let’s Do Some LinkedIn Hacking You know how people view your LinkedIn profile, and back your end you can see that person in your “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section? If you have the free version,  you can see the last five people and if you have splashed the cash, you Read more

GROWTHHACKING WEBINAR – Full 60min Replay! You know how you attend webinars and they’re full of 35 minutes of self-congratulatory bullshit and lots of shiny teeth pitches at the end? Yup, this isn’t one of those. Instead then, you’re going to get 60 mins of pure hardcore information on all Read more

My Twitter Lists Have Disappeared! How Do I Search For Twitter Lists Now? Righto, in May 2015, Twitter and Google have yet to start showing Tweets in Google search results, but some weird stuff is happening between them on their pages. This article contains the video on what to do Read more

Skegness Fitness and Health

Skegness Fitness and Health I’ll get straight to the point: Skegness can make you overweight REALLY quick! It’s not your fault – with so many delicious treats in the town, it’s really hard to stay in shape, right? At last count, there were a few gyms in the town – Read more