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How To Find Monetized YouTube Videos And Channels




In this post, I’m going to show you how to find monetized YouTube videos and channels you can run YOUR video adverts on, BEFORE those videos play. I’m also going to show you how to get FREE clicks on your YouTube advertising. Yes, really.

OK, before I get stuck into all the howto “stuff”, let me bring you up to speed on Google and YouTube advertising. I won’t bore you to death, but it’s important you get a few details under your belt. Deal?

Now as you are undoubtedly aware; Facebook ads are all the rage these days. You’ve probably dabbled in them yourself, or maybe you’re spending a load of dough each week on them with decent results (yay you!). And why wouldn’t you? The self-serve ad tools Facebook gives you are pretty easy to learn, and Facebook has made the process of creating the ads and targeting them to your audience super simple. Your budget can be set, and you get great analytics to see if you’re getting good CPC bang for buck.

All good so far?

Well, it’s all peachy until you start getting ad after ad rejected by Facebook. “WHY?” No answer. So you submit another ad.. for it to be rejected for flouting some bizarre rule where they won’t ACTUALLY tell you what rule you flouted.

And then you get your first advertising account ban. With no recourse.

Sound familiar? If not, it’s not a question of “if”, but “when” Facebook will annoy you. And don’t think the Big Guys are immune to this either! Grizzled Internet marketers spending hundreds of thousands of bucks each WEEK, also get their Facebook account banned and are locked out – with the same recourse options available to them, as you: None.

OK then, so Facebook is a necessary evil as you’ve now gathered. So keep on, keepin’ on – I’m not out on a mission to dissuade you from spending your ad dollars if they’re working for you! Far from it!

But, what if I told you that you could spend MINIMUM dollars on advertising AND enjoy the same laser-targeting options as Facebook gives you?

You’d be interested, right?

What I’m about to show you, is something even seasoned hardcore internet marketers have little to NO idea on, either!

So, let me now take you down the little-known path of YouTube advertising!

Let’s take you as my next example: Where do you go when you’re researching something to buy? Which site do you use to start your search?

Your answer will likely be Google (and if you say Bing, I’ll know you’re over 60 and probably still use AOL as your ISP)

Whilst Facebook might be the place for pictures of cats and bacon; When people want to research something, they use Google: It’s the original and still-preferred way that searches are started for products and services.

You most likely won’t be surprised then, to learn that the second-largest search engine is YouTube.

When people are looking for reviews or information – nothing beats video to hold their attention and educate them them on the product or service features and benefits.

It’s this YouTube power that I’m about to teach you on how to tap into.

OK so let’s identify what a YouTube advert is.

You’ve likely seen the video adverts that play before a video you want to watch: They’re the ones that have a SKIP button you can click after 5 seconds. These types of video adverts are called InStream video adverts, and these are the only ones worth using as advertisers.

InStream video adverts are super-exciting (no really. And yes, I’m really interesting at parties).

Remember that with YouTube, our benefit as advertisers is because the viewer has already done the hard work of typing in their search term, finding the video and then deciding to click on the video to obviously watch it: They have explicitly demonstrated that they are interested in that topic. That we’re going to show our ad before that video.

The idea is that your video is now so tightly-targeted, that they click your ad. And I did mention this was free, right?

Actually, you know what? I’m going to just dive straight in now you know what we are aiming to do, and now you have some background.

The YouTube Marketing Guide

1. Create Our Own YouTube Ad.

“But Nate, I hate being in front of the camera”. Well, you got two options:

a) Get in front of the mirror and get stuck in yourself, OR…
b) get a ridiculously ridiculously good-looking friend to be your Ad Talent. And give me their number if they’re a hot single babe.

Here’s an advert of mine you can shamelessly copy, but in the meantime, this is my script for you to nail. The timing are VERY IMPORTANT, so practice the bejesus out of them and have your iPad in front of you at eye level with your timer app of choice.

0 – 5 seconds: “Now you’re about to watch a video on Herbalife weight loss, right? Well I have a MUCH better weight loss system with NO horrible shakes. Interested? Stay there. Not interested? Click SKIP now! Go ahead, I’ll wait!

6s – 35 seconds: “Alright! Ok so here’s the one SIMPLE step I’m going to share with you now, for free, so you can get 1.5Kg of ugly body fat lost in the next 7 days MINIMUM without spending a DIME on those shakes you were going to buy! I just want you to walk for 20 mins per day – get off one step earlier on the train or bus if need be. Use your lunch time to go for a 10 min walk somewhere and back. That’s it! Now the second thing? Yeah, CLICK HERE to go to my site and download a FREE copy of my other 10 things you can do to lose weight safely and easily. No shakes, pills or potions in SIGHT! Go ahead! Click now. I’ll wait for you!

35s – 40 seconds. Shut up and point to your imaginary “CLICK NOW” wording on the screen.

Now you will need to do this on a green screen, which gives you that lovely “Apple video” effect on their adverts. It’s NOT hard, and it’s actually a lot of fun! Watch my video HERE on how to do this!

2. Find Your YouTube Videos You Want To Run Your Ads On.

OK, for this, you’re going to need to do one of two things:

The Manual Way
a) Go to YouTube and type in your search term. Let’s use “weight loss” as our keyphrase we want to find videos for.
b) You can see there’s (literally) millions of videos, right?
c) Create a blank pure text document (Notepad on Windows, or Text Edit on Mac)
d) Go through each video by clicking on it and watching for:
* a video ad before the video starts
* one or more yellow dots on the play line – this indicates ads will play at those points
e) If you see either of those, then copy the full YouTube URL and paste into your text document
f) Repeat for all videos where you can find either of those two ad “giveaways” – copy n paste one video URL per line in your text document. You can have up to 500 video URL’s for one targeting group in YouTube adverts (I’ll cover this later in the article)
g) Once you have your 500 video URL’s, then we can place them in our Adwords placements section (again, I will cover this later in the article)

If this sounds like a right royal pain in the arse, THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS!

The dirty little secret about YouTube adverts, is that whilst you can tell Google to run your advert on specific video URL’s.. YOU have to do this horrible grind work to find the monetized videos.

You can only advertise on YouTube videos where the Channel Owner has elected to monetize their videos, and selected which of those videos they want to earn money on.

That’s right – you could easily copy n paste 500 YouTube URL’s for weight loss and stick them in your advert – but out of the 500 videos, you might only have (say) THREE (yes, 3!) that are monetized. Google won’t tell you this as you copy n paste your 500 URL’s into your Adwords placements section either: You will ONLY find out which were monetized when you go into the Adwords Editor and see which URL’s got clicks, and which have a big fat ZERO clicks next to them. Let me also tell you that it takes around 80 HOURS to find those 500 monetized videos!!

Time consuming, much?

So now you want to know the automated way, right?

You OBVIOUSLY want to know how to do ALL THE ABOVE in LITERALLY a COUPLE OF MINUTES, and I don’t blame you.

So rather than bang on, why don’t you watch my video on my TubeFinderPro software or better, just sign up for the FREE 7 day demo of the software that does all of this. Yes, really.

If you like what you see, I will then share the rest of my YouTube marketing secrets where you get ZERO CENT CLICKS if you give me your email address OR Whatsapp number (preferably Whatsapp, because email sucks, let’s face it). This is the REALLY ninja stuff – you CAN ACTUALLY GET YOUR CLICKS FROM YOUTUBE FOR FREE *IF* you know what to do.

All legit. All above board.

Worth your email or Whatsapp number now, right? 😉

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