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How Ryan Deis Threatened To Sue Me For Using His Hashtag

Ryan Deis Just Tried To Sue Me

How Ryan Deis Threatened To Sue Me For Using His Hashtag

Hashtags ARE FREE

So here at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 in Sydney at The Hilton Hotel, I was monitoring the hashtag #TCS2015 – the hashtag for the show.

I was using it to interact with people at the show, as I was having coffee elsewhere in the Hilton – not being part of the show (lots of people wanted to meet me as they had flown interstate to be here in Sydney, so I was organising and sharing growthhacking information using the same #TCS2015 hashtag as, you know, this is a show supposed to be about the most leading edge social selling tips and tricks, right?


We had two event handlers from the US, come to our table and proceed to threaten to sue us for using their hashtag.

Yes, really.

Watch the video to find out the rest of the story and how we handled it.

TL:DR – we told them this isn’t the US and noone owns a hasthag. Surely a social media juggrnaut company such as theirs would know that, right?




Even if Nathan WAS hanging around outside the event and using the hastag to entice people. I think its INCREDIBLE thinking on his part and just shows the level of smartness there is. The ones that are complaining are probably wishing they had come up with the idea themselves instead of forking out a fortune for the event and not getting anywhere near the same amount of content that Nathan gives.

Keep it up Nathan mate. I’m with you on that one lol.

Nathan promotes GROWTH HACKING. The Internet was built on people thumbing their noses at what convention says and cutting it apart to find the goodies. He was in a public space clearly telling people he was not a part of the conference. Hashtags are not protected anywhere in the world…yet. They are a means to communicate a common thought, subject or sentiment. For God’s Sakes, don’t use the hashtag #christmas, else Jesus will be on you like a cheap suit about “Ima sue your ass, that’s MINE!!!” You don’t make money off of the use, which is really why you’re steamed. Crawl back to your bottom line and find another way to screw people. Let Nathan be.

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