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How To Create An Email Newsletter In 10 Seconds

How To Create An Email Newsletter In 10 Seconds

If you’re like me, you probably hate email newsletters: They’re a pain in the arse to create, and I find writing them a complete chore. Whilst I am never short of conversation in real life or on social – the act of sitting down and staring at a blank Mailchimp or Aweber or Active Campaign screen, fills me with dread.


Better then, to have a killer awesome growthhack for newsletter creation and production! It’s the lazy marketer’s killer growthhacking tip to create compelling email newsletters using OTHER people’s content whilst STILL driving traffic to your OWN site and landing pages!

This example below, is an actual email newsletter than took me literally 10 seconds to create, with some brilliant content that’s of genuine interest to my subscribers: growthhacking email newsletters


So, whether your niche is fitness, insurance or even accounting services: I’m going to show you how to get maximum traffic juice from other people’s hard work – where YOU look like the legend, but the viewer will come back to YOUR site after reading the article.

This is a game-changer – and I don’t use that term lightly.



  • account – free at the moment, expect them to start charging in the future. It’s worth whatever price they set, as well!
  • account – get a killer deal on this using this link, as the free version is too crap for serious marketers like you, but the next level up is too much for you starting out. $47 a month – get it.
  • Mailchimp account. “But I use <insert other provider here>”. Don’t care – these guys at the MOMENT, only support Mailchimp. Use this mailchimp account for your testing of this entire process. By the time you read this, they may have added other email provider services. Make sure you’ve setup at least one email list in Mailchimp.
  • Google Chrome. The extensions you all need are ONLY in Chrome at time of writing, so get Chrome. End of.
  • Twitter account. Yup, you need one and make sure you have customised your Twitter profile with at least an avatar pic!


Step one, is all about creating the special web page that looks like the normal page BUT has YOUR overlay on the screen, so people read through the content others have created..and then come back to YOUR website. <evil grin>

When you’re finished this section, you’ll end up with pages that will look something like this:

Newsletter Article Main Image


1. (Assuming you have the account!) Go and install the Chrome extension. Once you’ve added it, it will look like this:

Sniply Icon


2. Go into your dashboard, which looks like this:

sniply Dashboard


3. Click the CREATE SNIP at the bottom left hand side of your screen, which brings up this menu – just fill out each part like you see below, with your details and site URLs and message.

Creating Inital Snip


4. Now when you click the Chrome extension button on a page you’ve found interesting, this will be what pops up:

Once You've Snipped


5.  DONE! This final popup will give you the link you need for the next section. Open the link in your browser, ready for SECTION TWO that’s coming right up..

Copy this snippet



Section one was all about finding the content and creating your overlay on their page. In this section two, we’re now going to ACTUALLY create the newsletter part. Before you read on, just make sure you have at least one Mailchimp email list created and ready to go. If not, get that done now so the rest of this section flows for you.


1. M’kay, you’ve got your account, right? Sweet, so now go get the Chrome extension now too and install it. Once installed, it will look like this (no expense was spared in the production of this icon, won’t lie…)

Goodbits Chrome Extension




2. Next, you need to use the heavy lifting of Mailchimp to send out your emails. YES, Goodbits CAN send the email out for you as well, and does a good job, but Mailchimp has all the bells and whistles to create those all-important autoresponders, segregate your email lists, etc etc. Anyway, assuming you’re up and running wit Mailchimp, let’s set that part up now. In the screen below, use the dropdown and select the SENDING PROVIDER as Mailchimp:

select mailchimp option


mailchimp option


3. When it asks, authorise your Mailchimp to “talk” with Goodbits by entering your Mailchimp user and password:

connect goodbits with mailchimp

4. Again, assuming you’ve already setup your mailchimp list(s),  let’s select which list you’re going to send this curated content newsletter to!

select which mailchimp list


5. Make sure you SAVE the options above, and then click TEMPLATES. You will be directed back into Mailchimp, and you’ll select which of your templates you will insert your curated content into. In this example below, I’ve created a super-simple layout with greeting at start, goodbye stuff at the end, and in the MIDDLE, there’s the delicious curated content filling.

“but there’s nothing there, Nate?”

I know. It will get inserted automatically once you pull the trigger in a later step. The ONLY thing you need to remember, is to insert the following code in your newsletter – copy n paste as it’s that important. Ready?




Voila. Your screen will look nothing like the following clearly, but the code bit will.

mailchimp template example


6. Save that shit, and up the top in the browser bar, copy that entire URL:

mailchimp list url


7. ..and go back into Goodbits -> Templates and paste like this:

paste mailchimp list url


8. Be sure to setup the rest of the options on the Goodbits template page like this:

template options


9. SAVE those settings, and let’s get creative mon amigos!


10. Go find content. No really, just find content you like on sites you like. In this example, I’ll use the Ryan Deiss megasite I kinda like.

found an interesting page


11. Here’s the fucking evil genius part: We’re now going to take Ryan’s page above, and put our stamp on it, and then add it to our newsletter.His info. Our gain. Click the button! The (by now) familiar popup appears, and is pre-populated.

In the example below, I’ve changed the message to be customised to make it look like native content on the site.

Once done, click CREATE

creating the snip


12. The snip is now created on the page, and I copy the link it’s giving me, and whack straight in the browser.

open the sniply link


13. You can see on the example below, what the resulting page now looks like with my snip overlay on the bottom.

newly-created snip with link


14. Now it’s time to add this customised page to my email newsletter “story asset library”. And yes, as usual, it’s as easy as clicking the Goodbits button. The page will change briefly as it collects the details about it..

goodbits collecting page data


15. It will then show the title and description it’s automatically found from the page. Sometimes it sucks, and a lot of the time, you might want to quickly change both of them to better reflect your own thoughts and comments and title (oooh, I’m making you do SOME work here. Sorry. <grin>

goodbits description and title screen


16. Once you click the SAVE LINK button, you will be able to go back into Goodbits and see the story asset library. Yours will be PACKED, I’m sure, but for this example, I have just three stories on the left hand side of the screen in the queue:

goodbits library


17. Right. Now for the building of the newsletter. I could say this will require a degree in marketing and communications, and a brain like Einstein. INSTEAD, I’ll simply get you to click and hold and drag the stories from the queue on the left hand side, and well, drop them in the order you want them to appear on the right side of the screen. I know. I know. Totally beyond most people.

Drag n Drop Goodbits


Goodbits Reaarange Story Order


18. Now it’s time to send that badbwoi. How? Simples: You can send immediately to your Mailchimp email list, by selecting SEND NOW, or you can queue it up in a Mailchimp campaign. Your choice. In the example below, I’ll select the CREATE MAILCHIMP CAMPAIGN option.

Send Now Options

Select OK

send now


19. Voila! Your email campaign is now ready. Ticket tape and bunting and streamers are surely falling around you, and you can level up in your smugness at how piss easy this is. Let’s have a look now though, at what you just created – how it looks on desktop (gmail) and on an iOS device (iPad). Click the VIEW IN MAILCHIMP button:

campaign created


20. You will be redirected into Mailchimp, where you can see your new campaign. I like to PREVIEW AND TEST first, as always.

click to send test


send a test email



desktop view







Awesome stuff! Thanks Nathan

Nathan, you continue to impress the snot out of me with your USEFUL and EFFECTIVE ideas. I’m sharing this all over without fear of my competitors doing it because 99% of people don’t do anything.

…except you. Thanks for being in the 1%.

Great growthhacks my boi!! hey, when you say Mailchimp only uses “these guys” did you mean or thanx brotha

Hey John! I mean

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