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How To Get Google Reviews

How To Get Google Reviews

As a business, you always want word of mouth marketing to be your most powerful sales weapon in your arsenal, right?

Unprompted and honestly positive client reviews are the marketing fuel to pour on your overall sales fire 🙂

The trouble to date, is that Google (as usual) make it a RIGHT royal pain in the arse, to make it piss simple for your clients to leave those reviews. “Simply click this, double click that, login with your wife’s Gmail account and wear green underpants, and you can simply leave your review!”

How To Get Google Reviews - Easily


Let’s make things mad simple for your clients, shall we? How to get Google reviews with the least arseache…

The Result

Righto, so before we get started on the “how”, let me show you what the final result will be.

Imagine on your own website, you put a “hey client, leave us a review goddammit” button. Rather like the one below. Click or tap it to bring up  a Google review box (and it’s..umm… entirely up to you…if..errm… you want to leave a review. Ahem..)

Leave a Review!

Bah hahaha.. mint, right?

So let’s dive into how to get Google reviews a piece of piss for you, and more importantly, your clients…

The Process

First, click  HERE to go to the tool you’ll need to create a special link we’ll need (and no, it’s not anything dodgy like before hahaha)

Go to the map and type in your business name:

How To Get Google Reviews


Use the Option One shortlink code, and copy to your clipboard.

How To Get Google Reviews - Step 2


Righto! Job done!

Now you can put this link on a button in WordPress like I did above (just insert a button using whatever visual composer you’re using in your WordPress and paste the link into the button destination. Bonus points if you use Google Tag Manager to fire your Facebook Custom Audience pixel as a custom event. And yes, I’d also punch anyone that clicks the button into a Google Analytics-driven Adwords custom audience too (if you’re a larger organisation), and I’d DEFFO set this button push as an Analytics Event to see how many people click it Vs how many Google Reviews you have coming in.

Another option would be to have the link on a pinned post on Facebook or Twitter on your page.

I’d also consider inserting a button into your outbound emails using something like Wisestamp, or MailChimp so you make getting reviews simple as.

If you have enough people in your custom audiences that have purchased from you, consider also running a paid Facebook/Twitter campaign to get people to your WordPress page that contains the “Leave a Review” button

If you have a YouTube channel, then consider adding that page with the “Leave a Review” button into a YouTube card. BONUS points if you use PrettyLinksPro to mask your link, and send people from the YouTube card to your page and then (using PrettyLinksPro 301 permanent redirect with NOFOLLOW ticked) out to the review link you created *evil wink*

So yup, job done and now you have some ideas on how to make it simple as fuck how to get google reviews from clients that have purchased from you.

And for fucks sake, share this post if you found it useful yeah?


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