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LinkedIn Pixel Hack

LinkedIn PIxel Hack

Let’s Do Some LinkedIn Hacking

You know how people view your LinkedIn profile, and back your end you can see that person in your “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section? If you have the free version,  you can see the last five people and if you have splashed the cash, you can see evvvvvveryone who’s viewed you, right?

Pretty useful stuff, so you can then reach out to those people and start the business ball rolling.

So, wouldn’t it be great then, if you can be in the Top 10 results for your networks inside a week too, WITHOUT doing any work whatsoever (i.e, sending a billion emails and losing the will to live on non-productive activities)

Well my amigos, there is.

Welcome to The LinkedIn Pixel Hack.

It’s a simple hack that you can do on your own WordPress websites and as people visit your website, EVERY single visitor to your site is ALSO ‘firing’ a ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ event back in LinkedIn!

So if you have 100+ people a day visiting your site, then essentially, that’s 100+ people per day who YOU can see in LinkedIn! Yup – now you can ACTUALLY SEE THE PEOPLE’S NAMES AND PROFILES WHO VISITED YOUR WEBSITE!

I’ll let that sink in a bit for the marketing-savvy of you 😉

For the rest of you, it also means you can be in the Top 10 people in your networks as you only need around 10 – 15 people a day to view your profile, to get you in the Top 10 of around 3,000 people in your network.

A few caveats on this:

1. You do this at your own peril. Anything happens to your LinkedIn profile, you’re on your own.

2. The person visiting your website containing the LinkedIn Pixel Hack must also be logged into their LinkedIn account on another tab in their browser, else you will see “Anonymous Viewer” in your “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section (be prepared to see a lot of them as most people won’t be logged in as they visit your site)

3. Consider getting a second LinkedIn profile – ahem – as you will no longer be able to see who ACTUALLY visited your profile organically on the LinkedIn site Vs who viewed your profile via your website containing the LinkedIn Pixel Hack. Whilst using your own profile in the hack is awesome and can bump you up your network, you then lose the ability to see the organic viewers of your profile: Having a second profile fixes this – allowing you to show JUST the website visitors OR your LinkedIn profile organic visitors. Both are cool. But refer to point (1) if anything happens.

The Hack

OK, so just copy the following line and insert on any page you want to start recording visitors:

<iframe src=”” name=”linkedinwidth=”1pxheight=”1px“></iframe></p>

Clearly, replace the nathanhague part with your own profile name (or don’t – i’ll get yet another billion views…)

Put on a part of the page where a 1×1 pixel won’t look crap (end of a sentence for example). The pixel is opaque, so it will look like a full stop.

That’s it! You’re set!

Let me know how you got on in the comments section.

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this solution still works?

nope. With these hacks, you have to be quick 😉

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