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My Twitter Lists Have Disappeared

My Twitter Lists Have Disappeared! How Do I Search For Twitter Lists Now?

Righto, in May 2015, Twitter and Google have yet to start showing Tweets in Google search results, but some weird stuff is happening between them on their pages.

This article contains the video on what to do to search for Twitter lists when they have disappeared off your Advanced Search section in Twitter admin area.

The Search Twitter Lists Hack

All you need to do, is to use the following command and copy n paste into Google search bar, and substitute with your search term. inurl:lists <insert search term>

Easy, right?

Watch the following video to see it in action, and how you can easily get searching for those all-important Twitter lists, now they’ve been taken away from us (fuck knows why Twitter thought this would be a pearler of an idea, but there you go – what works today might be missing or proper fucked for tomorrow…mumble…)

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