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Want to add me to your snapchat? Sure you do! Scan this image via Snapchat app and I'll see you soon!

Want to add me to your snapchat? Sure you do! Scan this image via Snapchat app and I’ll see you soon!

Nathan Hague Snapchat Guru? Snapchat for marketing expert, are you now? Fuck no. But I’m learning and I have to write a load on this for you.

First though? Listen – I’ve been on the platform for over a year but never sent a single snap. Not. A Single. One.

I’ve seen other marketers spruik it in the usual internet marketing bullshit way, and thought, “i’ll do an Apple and wait for others to work out the kinks and then get stuck in”. And that moment has finally arrived.

In the mean time, before I drop my thoughts on how I’m going to growthhack Snapchat, here’s an EXTREMELY brilliant guide that I just think you read to be across Snapchat. Read it – it’s a long one and it’s mandatory reading before you should read my shit, mkay?

The Nathan Hague snapchat snapcode is simply a genius bit of QR that is the best application of the technology I’ve seen to date, by the way. And yup – there’s some brilliant usage cases I’ve already seen and heard about and am going to try. Can’t wait to add to this article this week.

My biggest piece of advice – with zero dogs in the fight – is that I resisted SnapChat for a year before I had my dawning realisation that it’s a social network with off-the-richter engagement. Oh, and literally NO ad and PPC spend to GET that engagement. Dubble bubble bonus, right? Remember when Facebook engagement was at an all time-high? Think of THOSE days, where you get even MORE engagement than those halcyon Facebook days. Yes, really.

Now I don’t proclaim to be a SnapChat expert or Snapchat for Marketing guru – far from it – but you can started right away by downloading the app from Google Play or App Store and at least setting up the basics (that article I linked to, says it way more in-depth than me, hence me not writing it here – my article is going to be more about the usage cases). And yes, add my sorry arse for nathan hague snapchat marketing

Mkay, coffee time for me. Got comments in the mean time? Whack them underneath – I read them all!


Ha Nathan I’m your first comment…I have been wanting to try snapchat to get more engagement than I am getting on my Facebook posts without boosting them…but I have been resistant too. My 16yo daughter says it’s easy and wonders why I can’t figure it out lol ;). Glad you’re encouraging us to use it…I will figure it out dammit!

hooroo Lisa! Yup, the engagement with SnapChat is off the richter scale – but most people fuck it up with mediocre content, and content for content’s sake. Make it a story of updated snaps but focus on the business end of it, with some personal stuff in there to show “behind the scenes” type stuff – that’s like crack to a lot of people. Have a plan WHY you’re on Snapchat to start with.

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