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Skegness Fitness and Health

Skegness Fitness and Health

Skegness Fitness and Health

I’ll get straight to the point: Skegness can make you overweight REALLY quick!

It’s not your fault – with so many delicious treats in the town, it’s really hard to stay in shape, right?

At last count, there were a few gyms in the town – and of course, all require a gym membership and to be honest, it’s SCARY going to a gym for your very first time! Who wants to stand sweating in front of those gym-toned people – it’s really embarrassing and hardly an enjoyable experience!


So What Do I Do To Lose Weight?

But what if I told you that with a few simple exercises that you could do in your own living room – away from prying eyes and the sweating gym bunnies and gym heads – that you could actually get back in shape on your own terms and for zero cost? That would be great, right?!

You ARE going to be doing some physical “stuff” in all this, so don’t think this is some short cut to being toned and fit, BUT… if you follow these few tips I’m about to share with you, over the next 7 days, you will have lost at least 1.5Kg (3lb) without a huge change in your life: A small win towards your bigger goals 🙂

OK, so let me shut up, and get into it for you:-

The Exercises

First up, you want to do these couple of exercises. I’ll show them in a minute, but the way you want to do them is this way:

Monday: Squats

Do 10 squats at a time whenever you have a spare minute (literally! Ten of them should only take 60 seconds!). I really want ten sets done throughout the day – so really, ten minutes of exercises. And yes, you can even do them in the break of Coronation Street…

Tuesday: Go for a ten minute walk and time it.

I want you to use this as your goal as we go along. EVERY time you do this walk, I want you to beat your time yesterday by at least 30 seconds – every. single. time. ok?

Wednesday: Towel Rows

Do the same as the squats – and do them in sets of ten, whenever you have some time throughout the day and evening. These will be hard at the start, but hold in there! You will get stronger each time you do these.

Thursday: The ten-minute walk

..and remember the rule about beating your previous time by at least 30s!

Friday: Wall Push Ups.

These are for the majority of people who can’t do a “proper push up” – this is to get your confidence and strength up, ready for eventually being able to lay face down on the floor and push up in style! But at the moment, baby steps – don’t rush it! Do the same as the squat and row, and do ten of them each set, and do ten sets throughout the day.

Saturday and Sunday: Just walk and enjoy the Skegness beaches!

OK, let’s see the actual exercises, shall we?


1. Bodyweight Squat (get some 5L bottles of water to hold as you progress!)




2. Towel Rows



3. Wall Push Ups




The Diet

Ah yes, you think I’m going to make you eat really horrible and bland diet food, right?


What I AM going to ask you to do, is to simply reduce your fizzy drinks (if you drink them) by 2 glasses a day (or 2 cans). Not cut them out completely at the moment: No. Just reduce them each day by the two glasses or cans for all of the next 7 days.

Next, I’m going to ask you to replace those cans or glasses of fizzy drinks, with fizzy water (plain is best, but I get it – sometimes plain water tastes blargh). You need to know you’re going to be a frequent visitor to your toilet, and that’s just something that will level out. But for the first few days – this is going to happen!

Finally, I’m going to please get you to go down the chemist and get some triple-strength fish oil capsules: Don’t worry – they won’t taste awful as they’re in capsules. I want you to take 4 in the morning when you wake up, 3 at lunch time and 3 just before you go to bed. There’s a load of science behind all this, but trust me when I say YOU will notice the difference after 3 days (and comment at the bottom of this page to tell me how you got on!!)

I have a LOAD of other stuff for you, but for now, just do all the above things, and leave a comment below on how you got on, and how much weight you lost, and how you felt after the 7 days 🙂



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