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Tools To Make Money When Selling Online Courses

So a lot of you already know I use Thinkific in the past for my online courses. But it’s a pain in the arse when you want to do things above and beyond very simple shit. Example? Sure: Try and send an email to your course participants based on the percentage they complete in your course. Oh. Wait. You can’t. Not unless you spend $199 per month to get that essential feature because Thinkific’s API sucks arse currently, and their sales department is about as good as a chocolate fireguard.

SOOooo… what to use? Well my old mate Andrew J. Wickham – based in Melbourne, Straya. Yeah – he’s the bloke that was thinking the same as me.. and then produced an all-in-one learning management system that LITERALLY DOES EVERYTHING. EVER.

Rather than bang on – just watch the webinar. It’s only 70 mins and there’s no usual internet marketing bullshit sales fluff. It’s all golden and all relevant.

And when you’re ready to get the deal Andrew talks about (hint: You will want the deal!), then click…   👉 HERE


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