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Why did I setup AustraliaWOW!?

As you probably know, the AustraliaWOW! fitness software platform is my brainchild.

What you might not know, however, is why it came about in the first place. In this article, I tell you the how and why AustraliaWOW! was created..

Back in 2006, I had just graduated from Australian Institute of Fitness (yup, I was an AIF Child. And proud!), and within just 3 months of leaving there, I was running around 64 PT sessions per week (for $77 for 30 minute sessions, too!) I was spread across two gyms and visiting multiple people’s houses. I was a great trainer and in demand: All my clients got results. Life was peachy.

However, this was the rub: Success without systems, meant I had brought myself a job. I was earning great money, but then coming home at 10pm and THEN having to do my admin. I hate admin. No, sorry, i REALLY hate admin!

Now in a previous life, I was an IT guy. I had sold my IT business to my business partner, as I didn’t enjoy working with computers at that point. My passion for IT was dead. But at my heart, I was a systems guy. I love systems and systemisation. I still do to this day, actually..

I decided to get a system that would help me run my fitness business: Simple plan. I was frustrated at all the PT software out there, as they were super-complex, or did one thing really well. And only one thing. Not sure about you, but when I need to manage a business, I need systems that all “talk” to one another, otherwise it’s a massive pain in the arse and you end up spending even MORE time doing the stuff you hate (read: admin) and less of the stuff you actually love (read: training people and ANYTHING else apart from admin).

This is why I created AustraliaWOW! – to look after my OWN PT business back in the day.

Did I tell you how much I hate admin?! Seriously – I’d rather be selling, marketing or having coffee with personal trainers around the world – ANYTHING other than bloody admin!

So back as I started out, I realised I needed to create my own personal trainer business management software.

AustraliaWOW! was born

The initial version was released within three months, and cost me AUD$10,000. It was web-based back then, as printers and desktop were still in use, and iPhones and mobile broadband weren’t good enough at the time.

As soon as I had it, I was over the moon. Up until that point, my girlfriend at the time, Eva, was my saving admin grace: She would always pick up the money that I hadn’t charged a client, and do my billing. Once i HAD AustraliaWOW! v.00000001 (!) though, no payments went missing as all my sessions were meticulously tracked.

Admin level up!

Skip forward to 2014, and a LOT has changed: I now run a global fitness software company that has seen my original software grow into a complete personal trainer and fitness business management platform. AustraliaWOW! has changed from being my simple booking and billing system, to now offering:

  •  Billing multiple currencies
  • Scheduling and rostering for multiple personal trainers, across multiple locations
  • Full client nutrition system – creates customised menu plans, shopping lists AND automatically tracks their compliance
  • Automatic exercise program creation: AustraliaWOW! will create a fully-periodised exercise program for your clients, whatever their fitness goal and whatever fitness equipment they may have access to
  • Replaces multiple 3rd-party site requirements such as Aweber, Leadpages, OptimizePress 2
  • Corporate wellness plugin now provides a platform to deliver, manage and measure a turnkey corporate wellness programme for tens or hundreds of thousands of employees across multiple continents. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that too.

Here’s something else: Our fitness software (and I say “our”, because I still have staff that were with me from day 1 – without them, I couldn’t have developed it to where it is today), is used by tens of thousands of trainers and their clients.

But it will NEVER be finished.

I will always want more features. I’ll always be listening to the market and trying to figure out how to integrate new technology into our fitness software platform, so it makes it even easier for personal trainers, fitness professionals and their clients, to use our online personal training software to help them stay fit and healthy.

Anyhoo, just wanted to write this piece to put it out there why AustraliaWOW! was created, and why to this day, 7 years later, I’m still bullish and excited about what the future of our fitness software company holds for everyone.

Especially for you, reading this.



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